Group of 60 ultra-faint stars orbiting the Milky Means may very well be new sort of galaxy by no means seen earlier than

Astronomers have noticed the faintest and lightest satellite tv for pc galaxy ever discovered: a minuscule, tight-knit group of stars trailing the Milky Means. The peculiar discovery might characterize a brand new class of impossibly faint, dark-matter-dominated star programs that had eluded detection till now.

Tentatively named Ursa Main III/Unions 1 (UMa3/U1), the newfound star system resides within the constellation Ursa Main, about 30,000 light-years from the solar. It’s the latest addition to our galaxy’s assortment of a minimum of 50 satellite tv for pc galaxies. Even the smallest of those galaxies host hundreds to billions of stars.


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